Graphical Parson’s Problem Creator

To help all computing educators unlock the power of Parson’s problems, Codio built a graphical Parson’s problem creator on top of the js-parsons library. This tool is free to use and does not require a Codio account.

Go to free graphical parson’s problem creator tool

Hosting Created Parson’s Problems

Please visit our template repo for instructions on how to host your created Parson problems for free on Github.

How to Use this Creator

There are 5 types of graders in the js-parsons library which you can select from via the drop down. Below is a brief description of each grader and short video on how to set it up.

Line Based Grader

The line based grader is a way to quickly and easily make Parson’s problems with a single right answer. This grader does not require you to use a certain programming language which makes it a great way to abstract processes and workflows one level higher than actual code.

Variable Check Grader

The variable check grader is for Python problems where students are manipulating variables. You can set the variables of interest before the student code and check them after – meaning this grader checks the functionality of student code so it’s okay that there is more than one right answer!

Unit Test Grader

The unit test grader is for Python problems where students are creating functions. Similar to traditional unit tests on code, this grader leverages a unittest framework where you set asserts – meaning this grader checks the functionality of student code so it’s okay that there is more than one right answer!

Language Translation Grader

The language translation grader is for Java and psuedocode problems with functionality similar to the variable check grader described above. The main difference being you map the Java or psuedo code blocks to python in the background. Selecting the language allows the Parson’s problem to check for correct indention and syntax.

Turtle Grader

The Turtle grader uses the Python Turtle library to allow students to write turtle code! Either use native python or map psuedo code to python commands (similar to the language translation grader) for student code. With the click of a button, generate the solution code the grader checks student answers against.

This is an open-source project

Feel free to contribute or create issues to help us improve this project. When something as wonderful as Parson’s problems comes out of the Computing Education Research community, we want to help bring it to as many classrooms as possible.

Obligatory Sales Pitch

If you are interested in hosting these Parson’s problems inside Codio, you can seamlessly integrate them into instructional material, lab assignments or tests. Additionally, Codio tracks student performance on assessments and our Learning Insights feature visualizes student progress on Parson’s problems as well as our many other auto-graded assessment items. If you are interested in learning more about Codio or would like a free trial, plese visit our website: